+ This is Vanna Stagnetti, mighty pirate.

+ Born on May 2, 1990, in Argentina, and making websites since 2003 (which explains a lot of things).

+ Spends most of her time DIYing and crafting, sometimes drawing and painting, and not doing as much flow arts and music as she would like.

+ Likes videogames, puzzles and amusement parks, blowing bubbles, coloring books, plush toys, collecting rocks and dead things, puppets, having lucid dreams, hot guys, natural history museums, adventure movies and Disney villains.

+ Also loves the rain, moss, cacti and mushrooms, snails and moths and most invertebrates.

+ Likes Coke and booze a bit too much.

+ Favorite foods: cole crops, peas, lentils and everything kids are supposed to hate. But also popcorn.

+ Favorite music genres: folk metal (and any folk/world music), psychill, dark cabaret, villain songs and creepy music in minor key.

+ Favorite videogames: Tearaway, Myst, Minecraft.

+ Favorite movies: Tron Legacy, Labyrinth, Moana.

+ The Republic of Vannania is located on a middle-sized island in the Caribbean, somewhere between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Its weather is always mild and rainy, full of exotic plants and snails (and pirates).

+ The Vannanian flag features a snail proudly waving the Vannanian flag. It's partly purple because purple used to be a very expensive color (and that's why there are no purple flags), but now it's on every kid's cheap-ass watercolor pallete. And partly green because I like green.

+ Its name is both a reference to "Republic of Tinselman", Robyn Miller's fictional country, and "República de Banania", a fictional country from a comedy sketch by Les Luthiers.

+ In the Republic of Vannania, all the plants and their by-products are legal, because criminalizing nature is stupid.

+ Marriage does not exist in the Republic of Vannania; in fact, if you're married, your wedding vows are annuled once you enter the Republic. Orgies for everyone!

+ There's no such thing as politics in the Republic of Vannania, there's only one ruler (and it's me). But that's ok because everyone likes it.

+ The Vannanian national flower is Brugmansia spp.

+ Fun fact: The website's divider says "Republic of Vannania" in morse code ;)