Hello, citizens of the Internet! Welcome to Republic of Vannania. I'm Vanna Stagnetti, your host and President (for life). This website is a work in progress, and some of the pages are still under construction. Please be patient with me, and enjoy your walk through my brainland =)

Added a "Downloads" page with a few Winamp skins I made! Yay =D And some stuff and things here and there. And secrets.

New thumbnails for everyone! Yay! It looks so much better now that everything is the same size!

I remade all the Art gallery thumbnails, and I'm gonna do the same for the Crafts gallery next. Wish me luck, because that's A LOT of thumbnails x_x

New cursor and webrings.

FLAGS. Also, crafts, finished "About" page, and favicon :)

I finally wrote something in the "About" page =) It's not great but at least it's not empty anymore.

I just uploaded the "Links" page with some credits and cool stuff. Also, I added a few paintings and gifs through the last couple of days.

There's a new painting in the "Art" page, and the "Blinkies" page is up!

Just finished the "Gifs" page =D Some of the source videos are missing, but I'll be adding them as soon as I can.

Paintings uploaded to the "Art" page =D Image descriptions are still only short titles as I'm concentrating on getting the site done before going into details.

Finally finished writing small description for every craft in the gallery! Right now it's just a small literal description because it was a LOT of stuff, but I'll write a bit more about each craft eventually.

And now we got a guestbook! It's not 100% the way I wanted (I wanted the scrollbar outside the frame) but I'm still very happy with the result.

Splash is done =D

Found the Republic of Vannania logo I painted a few months ago for a similar project with the same name and redid most of the layout around the collor pallette I used in that painting.

All the "Crafts" pages are up! Though I still need to write a small description for each one of them.

Most of the layout is done, only needs a few finishing touches :)